Established in 1983 by Lo Hengky Senjaya, PT. Senjaya Bersama Utama is a provider of professional audio-video and multimedia products/services.

We are a licensed distributor that performs system integration of professional broadcast systems, post-production and equipment rental for Panasonic, Fujinon , Vinten , Lynx Technic, Canare and other video production related products.

In 2014, PT. Senjaya Bersama Utama has also ventured as a provider of lighting, electrical construction material and infrastructure solutions with Panasonic.

We serve customers from various markets such as: professional filmmakers, broadcasting firms, video producers, rental firms, general contractors, mechanical/electrical contractors, architects, educational sectors and corporate/government sectors.

In  2018,  PT .Senjaya Gobel Solusindo was established and Our Objective and Purpose of the Company is in the field of Sales and Services, with business operation in Distribution, Maintenance and Services of Electric / Electronic Panasonic Products, Including Consumer Electronic Products, Business Solution and Industrial Products, Room Air Conditioner Products, Security System Products, Energy System Products, Lighting and Wiring Devices Products, Electrical Construction Material Products.