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Testor is a compact hand held broadcast quality digital test signal generator designed for today’s demanding multi-format digital infrastructures.

Ideally suited for signal path integrity testing the Testor provides digital video test patterns with embedded and external AES audio test signals. The flexible multi-format genlock input with cross lock capability and fully adjustable timing also allows signals to be inserted into any part of a modern digital multi-format system.

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Multi Format Operation
:525 / 59.94Hz or 625 50Hz
HDTV: 1080i 59.94Hz / 60Hz / 50Hz/ 720P / 60Hz / 59.94Hz  50Hz / 30Hz / 29.97Hz / 25Hz / 24Hz / 23.98Hz/1080P 30Hz / 29.97Hz / 25Hz / 24Hz / 23.98Hz /1080PSF 25Hz / 24Hz / 23.98Hz

Two Simultaneous Digital Video Outputs.
Each output can have a different test pattern assigned from the internal test pattern library.

8 Channel Audio Test Generator.
8 independent digital audio test signals are provided (20 or 24 bit). Each channel has fully adjustable gain (0 to -60db FS), test tone frequency (20Hz to 20KHz in 1KHz steps), adjustable phase and selectable momentary pause (silence). The 8 audio channels are arranged into 8 x AES streams and can be embedded into both video outputs and also 4 x AES supplied as external signals.

Comprehensive Test Pattern Library.
An internal library of static standard test patterns is included, as well as dynamic patterns including a real time zone plate generator EBU AV Sync audio synchronization pattern and a LCD panel persistence test.

Integrated Compact Flash Slot.
Load your own patterns using standard SMPTE DPX files, ot use some of the extra static tests patterns provided on CF card.

Genlock with Cross Lock and Input Timing.
Flexible reference input allows the Testor to genlock to SDTV analog bi-level sync or HD tri-level sync sources (auto detect standard). Cross lock capability allows a SDTV ref sync input to generate a genlocked HD tri-level output sync (and visa versa). Input timing adjustment of one frame is provided adjustable in lines and pixels so the Testor can be genlocked and timed into any system installation.

Word Clock Reference Output.
A 48KHz +5v TTL word clock reference signal is provided for audio applications which require an external reference. Both the video sync and word clock outputs will free run with no reference connected and can be used a sync reference source. With reference sync presence, all video / audio / sync and word clock outputs are frequency locked to reference.

Character Overlay.
User defined character overlay for source identification purposes. Provides 22 characters overlay with selectable font color, background color and screen position. Separate character generator provided for each of the two video outputs.

Integrated Display for Control and Configuration.
A simple monochromatic display is provided which can show the selected test pattern for each output as well as providing the on screen menu and control selections. Control and setup is simple using the integrated rotary / push switch control knob.

Integrated CPU with Flash Ram.
All settings made to Testor are automatically stored in internal flash ram and are preserved through power cycles and long term storage. No loss of module settings should AC power fail or if the module gets accidently disconnected or a battery fail.

PC Interface for Control and Configurations.
As an alternative to the integrated local control it’s also possible to use the standard LYNX RCT 3602 Service Adapter and control Testor using a standard Windows PC or laptop. The on screen GUI to simplifies Testor configuration set-up and control. Settings are stored into internal flash ram. If you already have a LYNX Service Adapter then Testor will be recognized automatically.


Portable Video Test Pattern Generator.
Large internal library of static and dynamic patterns for testing digital video performance in all SD and HDTV formats.

Portable Audio Test Generator.
Fully programmable 8 channel AES audio test signal generator with adjustable frequency / gain and phase in either 20 or 24 bit formats. provides 4 external AES outputs and all 16 audio channels are embedded into each SDI stream.

Portable Multi format Sync Generator.
Use as standalone multiformat analog reference sync generator or use the genlock input and cross lock any HD sync output format to an SD or HD sync input (or visa versa) providing one full frame of independant input timing adjustment for sync and video in pixel line increments. Also provides a frequency locked 48KHz reference output.

Portable Still Store.
Use the Compact Flash option and you can load your own industry standard DPX files and use as a portable still store, or load additional test patterns.

Portable “Transmission Alive” Test source.
Use the EBU AV sync pattern and stream a dynamic pattern which can be used for video transmission continuity as well as audio level and audio/video timing verification.


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