The World’s First 4/3” Sensor & Fixed Lens 4K Handheld Camcorder

The AG-DVX200 debuts as the world’s first* 4/3-type large format camcorder with integrated zoom lens. Combining digital video technology that Panasonic has developed over its long history of producing broadcast equipment with its expertise in professional camera recorder, the AG-DVX200 blazes an entirely new trail in video production…. Continue The Tour


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Partnership Agreement Between PT. Senjaya Bersama Utama & PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia: Signing Ceremony

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June 19th – PT. Senjaya Bersama Utama and PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia have signed their official partnership agreement for the infrastructure business in Indonesia.  The signing ceremony took place at the Panasonic Lighting Solutions Center Jakarta .  The VIPs that partook this very special event were Mr. Lo Hengky Senjaya, President Director of PT. Senjaya Bersama Utama, Mr. Hiroyoshi Suga, President Director of PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, Mr. Akinori Yanase, Managing Director of ISBD, Mr. Harry breit angelegte studie von Njio, Director of PT. Senjaya Bersama Utama, Mr. Heru Santoso, Associate Executive Director, PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, Mr. Yasunobu Matsumoto, General Manager of PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, Mr. Kazuo Ishitani, General Manager of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific and Mr. Teruyuki Wakabayashi, System

Solutions Advisor of PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia.